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Pricing & Fees

Pricing & Fees

Here at KPS Management, fees and compensation depend largely on the level of service our clients would like us to provide. Most items are negotiable. Factors that affect our fee structure include:

  • Nature & Size of the Subject Property(s)
  • Condition of the Property(s) Upon Initial Contract
  • Length of Initial Contract
  • Number of Properties/Units Under Contract
  • Level & Type of Services Provided
  • Expectations & Performance Goals of the Owners/Investors

Administrative/Management Fees range from 5% to 10% of the Monthly Gross Income. This fee is negotiable so don’t be afraid to ask.

Fee-for-Services Activities include performing repairs, maintenance, and routine landscaping as well as overseeing capital improvement projects. These types of services can be billed on a Contract Basis, Hourly or as a Negotiated Flat Fee. Hourly rates are listed below

Hourly rates for Fee for Service activities vary between $22.00 & $37.00/hr. Most activities are billed with a 1 hour property visit minimum. Whenever we can, we schedule multiple repair activities for each visit in order to reduce the overall cost to the property.

Rent-Up Fees do not usually apply for multi-family apartment units unless filling vacancies is the only service we provide. Rent-Up Fees typically apply to smaller properties such as Single Family Homes, Duplex, Triplex or Fourplex units. If Rent Up Fees do apply, they are typically equal to 1/2 the monthly rental amount for the vacant unit(s).

Real Estate Sales/Referrals Commission. These are negotiable. Our rates are typically competitive. In general, if we currently manage your property we can offer you a lower rate; however, all terms are subject to negotiation and will need to be put in writing.

Rental Advertising & Onsite Management Costs are the responsibility of the Property Owner and will be treated as reimbursable expenses payable to KPS Management. We are happy to negotiate maximums limits and set fixed values to help you stay within your budget.

Please Contact Us for a free—no appointment necessary—consultation. Our Corporate Offices are located in the Spokane Valley at 524 N Mullan Rd, Ste 101, ph (509) 842-2322 fax (509)893-2202

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